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Anatomy Drawing

Start Date:Friday, 12th November 2010
Times:10am - 4pm
Duration:3 days
Tutor:Alan McGowan
Suitable for:All levels of ability

A welcome return for this popular workshop.

A knowledge of the structures of anatomy can help us to perceive the human figure more fully and sympathetically. To understand the workings of the body is to deepen (literally) our perceptions of the figure and see not only the features on the surface of the skin but also the elements and forces beneath the skin which influence them. It also encourages us to see how forms flow into one another, influence and overlap one another.

The course will be conducted through demonstration and explanation, reference to anatomical examples, and with an emphasis on drawing from the life model. We will examine the individual elements of anatomy, the main skeletal, muscular and structural forms, whilst being conscious of the overall integrity of the body as a coherent system. Whilst concentrating on anatomy we will also inevitably touch on more general issues involved in drawing the figure, proportion, perspective etc.

There are many fascinating and interrelated forms within the body; flattened forms, spirals, arches and curves; and they shift in characteristic yet always individual ways. We will aim to deepen knowledge of this diversity whilst maintaining a feeling for the unity of the figure as a whole, and of our response towards it.

Outline Course Structure

Day One
Overall structure of the figure. A closer look at the structure of the torso.
Identification of the main skeletal elements and surface landmarks.
Musculature of the torso.

Day Two
Muscular and skeletal anatomy of Pelvis and upper leg.
Lower leg and foot, (drawing feet).

Day Three
Muscular and skeletal anatomy of the head and neck (anatomy concerning portraiture).
Arm and hand

Anatomy Drawing

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